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Research Overview

Seeds of Tolerance Research



Breeding Project

Breeding Project
As part of the Research Consortium, the foundation’s work has continued into 2007 and has resulted in several noteworthy achievements including, but not limited to, additional grant support, graduate student awards to study the development of prejudice, honors and fellowships to Seeds of Tolerance, a wealth of publications, invited addresses & workshops, and presentations at academic conferences. Within three years of the initial funding, our private research group was surely successful in seeding the academic research on the origins of implicit prejudice that had not existed previously.

The Concept of Tolerance

The Concept of Tolerance

The cannabinoids present in cannabis affect the tolerance of the brain’s natural cannabinoid receptors. As a result, our studies have aimed to increase the tolerance of cannabis seeds according to medical cannabis and health foundation recommendations.

Relating to the tolerance of cannabis seeds and the effects given to users are the concepts of tolerance known commonly. Tolerance is inextricably linked to the constructs of empathy, social cognition, effective perspective-taking, and inter-personal intelligence. While there are differences in these terms that are meaningful to theorists, the terms are often used interchangeably. Typically, these terms are explained from developmental perspective with stages or levels. Selman’s (1980) proposed five-level sequence for the acquisition of effective role-taking ability occurring from about age three or four or so to twelve provides a good example of a stage theory.

The Cannabis Research Project 2003 – 2005

The Cannabis Research Project

Seeds of Tolerance approached Harvard University in 2003 to launch a multidisciplinary research project to enhance the understanding of the roots, seeds and plants of cannabis seeds studies for tolerance growth and after harvest and their effects when being used. Harvard formed a Research Consortium with investigators from different faculties and took on a project for a three year contract.

The THC Research Project 2006 – 2008

The THC Research Project
THC is one of the leading psychoactive cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant that conducts and utilizes various effects in humans. For medical cannabis and health, primarily CBD is focused on during research due to the noted benefits shown in studies. The rationale for this research project is both philosophical and pragmatic. Focusing attention on THC and the development of respect for tolerance and diversity represents an important way to promote further cannabis research and exploration with others different breeds of the species, as well as to promote a vision of genetic inclusion at an important developmental stage; starting as seeds.

Research Data