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Breeding Tolerant Cannabis Seeds

Breeding Tolerant Cannabis Seeds

The journey our program initiative has gone though in developing cannabis seed genetics focused on tolerance has been rewarding. Let’s overview a few of the key factors in breeding plants with the desired attributes.



Seeds of Tolerance started as a group of private independent researchers involved in the international medical cannabis programs. Our research has led us to explore the possibilities of selective breeding the various cultivars of the cannabis species.



In our grow laboratory, support from guests and private donors has given the foundation the opportunity to grow a regular supply of tolerant cannabis seed-stock. The methods used to produce the results are discussed in detail.

  • Strain research: Of the many commercial marijuana strains marketed towards medical cannabis growers in the legal districts, most of the aforementioned cultivars are similar hybrids to the c.indica species. In order to promote THC production, our group opted to bring c.sativa genetics into the breeding programs.
  • Potency testing: Started from seed, each cannabis plant grown at our foundation headquarters is subject to the educator grower’s selection process which includes scouting and testing for our cannabinoid potency requirements.
  • Yield assessment: Our seeds are bred from the highest yielding cultivars grown by our private international research group. Every grow is recorded from seed-to-flower to ensure accurate health tracking and yield assessment.
  • Terpene profiling: Once harvested, the cannabis plants are observed in laboratory settings and their adjusting terpene profiles are evaluated as chemical changes happen though the plant during the curing process.
  • Tolerance analysis: Most importantly to our group is the tolerance effects of the cannabis strain evaluated. We perform a thorough analysis of THC, THCV, THCA, CBD and more chemical compounds (cannabinoids) present in our seed-stock.

By following the aforementioned procedures, recreational and medical marijuana producers can expect to get similar results. Tolerance analysis is done by using THC quality control testing methods.



In conclusion, our research aims to spread awareness of the breeding techniques used for developing tolerant cannabis seeds.

All updated test results from our private independent research group will be published at

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