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We are a private research group following an initiative to develop tolerance for the new millennium of cannabis seeds.

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The concept of tolerance is inextricably linked to the seeds of which made the plant. Our research discusses the concept of tolerance and the development of highly potent cannabis cultivars meant to produce strong effects.

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We grow for everyone.

Seeds of Tolerance is happy to help serve your cannabis seed needs.

Regular Seeds

The basis of all cannabis genetics, regular seeds. Male and female plants.

Feminized Seeds

The most sold cannabis seeds, feminized. All 100% female plants.

Autoflower Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are popular for their unique genetic abilities.

The growers are stoked


We are thankful for all the positive feedback Seeds of Tolerance has received from cannabis growers.

"Seeds of Tolerance is a wonderful foundation for the rising cannabis industry. The weed is out of the world potent!"
Kendra williamson
Organic Cannabis Grower
"The seeds grew great under my current grow set-up. Plants were strong and the buds beautiful."
Mitch Russell
Hydroponic Cannabis Grower

A future we can grow in


Through selective breeding methods, Seeds of Tolerance aims to supply highly potent seed-stock for the cannabis industry.

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Strain Selection

Seeds of Tolerance breeds a number of sativa, indica and hybrid cannabis cultivars, available as seeds.


Our indica line is mostly developed from Afghani and Pakistani genetics. Currently our foundation is working with new indica strains from around the globe to target potency.


Our sativa line has been bred for over three decades and includes such respectable genetics as Haze and landrace sativa strains with extremely high THC content.

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Stay informed for when we drop new seed-stock, strains and updates.

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