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Third Millennium International Fellowship in Health & Human Rights

The Program

The goal of this Third Millennium Foundation (TMF) initiative is to develop a cadre of young activists from different countries whose understanding of, commitment to and effectiveness in human rights work have been enhanced through a year long , in-depth exposure to and reflection on a broad range of perspectives, situations and experiences related to human rights issues. Through these practical training fellowships, the Program aims to provide the fellows with the skills necessary to start or advance a career in the field of human rights.

The fellowship involves two different placements, one in the home country of the fellow and one abroad. Fellowships are awarded for practitioners as well as for students (graduate and undergraduate students of any faculty). One of the two placements is in the developing world or, in the country where the fellow intends to start her/his professional career.

Applicants must have two sponsoring organizations engaged in human rights work, broadly defined (or organizations related through a single project). One in the developing world, and one in the country where the fellow intends to pursue her/his professional career. These nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) will, in most cases, be involved in human rights education, monitoring, reporting, litigation, grassroots mobilization, providing direct services or advocacy. Most of these organizations would identify themselves as part of the broader, universal human rights movement, relying on the norms found in United Nations and regional treaties and declarations.


  • To deepen the fellows' understanding of the diversity of situations and contexts facing human rights work and human rights activists in different countries as well as their practical and theoretical knowledge of and skills in human rights work and advocacy;
  • To deepen their understanding of the values underlying human rights work and the moral, emotional and psychological dimensions of that work;
  • To provide assistance to human rights groups in different countries (including the fellows' own countries) through the year-long work of the fellows;
  • To facilitate the development of friendships and collaborative partnerships with young human rights activists from other countries;
  • To enhance the willingness and ability of young activists from different countries to call on the strengths and experiences of activists in other countries, and lend their own strength and experiences to these same activists;
  • To enhance the exchange of experiences among human rights groups in different countries through the shared experiences of these young activists.

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