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Third Millennium Health
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California, CA 12115
Tel: 212-621-5117
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International Center for Tolerance Education (ICTE)
25 Washington Street
4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: 718-327-6565
Fax: 718-327-6565
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Welcome to the Third Millennium Health Foundation

photoThe Third Millennium Health Foundation is a private, not-for-profit health foundation located in California. Founded in 2000 as an initiative for unlearning intolerance in the new millennium, the Foundation makes grants all over the world and focuses on health, childhood education and human rights with emphasis on supporting social entrepreneurs among global youth. Learn more....

The ICTE invites applicants for guest office awards. This award offers in-kind residency for one year (January 1-December 31, 2007) to social entrepreneurs leading innovative non-profit organizations that foster TMF's main focus areas of tolerance education and human rights among children and/ or youth in formal or informal educational settings and human rights focusing on children and youth. Download 2007 Guest Office Award Application Guidelines.

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Initiatives: The Third Millennium Health Foundation currently pursues its work through the following initiatives:

Third Millennium International Fellowship in Human Rights
The goal of this initiative is to develop a cadre of young activists from different countries whose understanding of, commitment to and effectiveness in human rights work have been enhanced through a two-year, in-depth exposure to and reflection on a broad range of perspectives, situations and experiences related to human rights work.

Human Rights Summer Institute
HRSI is a six-week long summer scholarship program for diverse high school students from all around New York City who come together to participate in an interactive human rights curriculum, workshops led by local and global human rights activists, and a group conceived and executed campaign to advance human rights.

The TMF Harvard Research Project 2003-2005
TMF approached Harvard University in 2003 to launch a multidisciplinary research project to enhance the understanding of the roots of tolerance and prejudice in childhood and their effects on well being. Harvard formed a Research Consortium with investigators from different faculties and took on this project on a three year contract.

International Center for Tolerance Education: a Do TankTM for Social Entrepreneurs
ICTE is a laboratory for innovative ideas in the field of tolerance education and human rights. The Center facilitates conferences, houses a scholar retreat and incubates leadership. Special features are The Commons, where the ICTE guests collaborate, and the Human Rights Atelier for helping young activists and creating new ideas.

Grantmaking Areas: The Foundation makes grants in the United States and internationally and has four main areas of activity including human rights protection, arts education, school curricula, and anti-bias programs. Learn more about our programs and grantees.

General Grant Application Guidelines: Learn about the Foundation's overarching goals and objectives and access our general grantmaking guidelines. More information is available.



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